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Feature Packed for Convenience and Customization

Are you tired of long, unwieldy URLs cluttering up your social media posts and emails? Do you struggle to keep track of multiple links, or worry about link expiration?
Introducing Goly, the premier online URL shortener!

Link Management

A comprehensive solution to help make every point of connection between your content and your audience more powerful.

Smart URLs

With the ability to redirect users to multiple websites through a single link, you have the power to control the user experience and guide them to the most relevant content based on your own defined criteria.

Precise Analytics

Goly offers advanced analytics and tracking capabilities to help you understand and optimize your link performance to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and how they interact with your links.

QR Codes

Goly's QR code solutions are designed to cater to the needs of every customer, business, and brand. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large brand looking for an interactive experience.


At Goly, we take user security seriously. Our URL shortener is designed to protect the privacy and security of our users at all times. We use industry-standard encryption to secure and protect your data.

We Speak Security takes extensive measures to ensure the links sent and distributed through our system are safe.

We have stopped 300,000 threats till date and counting.

Supercharged Analytics

Goly provides advanced features that let businesses get all the benefits of link shortening.

Detailed Statistics 🔬

Track the success of every short link and domain with detailed insights .